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Sidermi, makes available to its clients the services of integral building maintenance and preventive maintenance of all facilities

Integral maintenance of buildings

In an effort to meet the global needs of its clients, Sidermi available to them, the comprehensive maintenance management of buildings, comprising among others the following activities:

Maintenance of facilities.

Maintenance for lifts.

Pool maintenance.

Garden Maintenance.


Monitoring and optimizing consumption

Preventive maintenance of facilities

Sidermi offers its customers a wide range of highly qualified professionals to perform the most comprehensive preventive maintenance plans for all facilities comprising the business of a building, supported by management systems and more sophisticated market planning.

Sidermi has partnerships with leading equipment manufacturers in the market.

Sidermi planning scheduled maintenance of the facilities, adapting at all times to customer needs and meeting current regulations in each case and offering their service breakdowns 24/365.

Contact us at the phone number +34 683 600 036

Within the preventive maintenance plan, Sidermi makes a permanent technical advice to customers regarding energy optimization.

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